Infrared Heating

EUROFROST after thorough survey of the various heating systems, strongly suggests the use of REDWELL infrared heating panels to ensure the heating of your house or your office in the most hygienic way. Our company has developed a strategic partnership with the company REDWELL and now has the exclusive agency in Mykonos.

The panels – artwork of infrared heating technology from the Austrian company REDWELL, are heating economically, healthy and effectively in every area needed.

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Their operation is based on the convert of electricity into infrared radiation, warming by the 80% in the human body, the objects and walls of the room, and the 20% in the air. As a result, the room is being heated uniformly, without temperature differences. They controllably remove the moisture from the room and they give an appropriate and clean atmosphere.



This is the healthiest, most economical and effective way of heating. It is internationally certified, and also certified by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as a top heating method to economise on power consumption, in comparison with the efficiency and the thermal comfort it offers. This is because during its operation it consumes up to 80% less energy than other heating systems. The REDWELL systems are accompanied by a 5 year warranty.



It is also remarkable that due to the uniformity of the heating of the walls, minimal temperature differences are generated between the floor and the ceiling. A Redwell infrared heating system have a pleasant feeling of warmth without cold feet, unlike the conventional heating systems which are heating the air, and the heated air is highly but the floor remains cold.

Infrared heating is a great solution for homes, shops, institutions, hospitals, clinics, SPA, gyms and generally everywhere!


The evolution shaped us on a way that we can absorb infrared heating waves, which have a positive effect on our immune system. A positive energy for your body and soul!

In 1967 Dr. Takisi Ishikawa was the first one who built the infrared heating cabin in Japan.

This system at first was used by doctors and in 1981 was given to the public. Ever since, it is being successfully used in the private sector, by therapists, treatment centers and in rehabilitation clinics. This is because infrared heating is a supporting tool key for healing methods.

irbodyThe infrared radiation increases the perfusion of the skin, stimulates the metabolism, it is very clear, and also it prevents the swirl effect of dust and antioxidants. Patients with rheumatic diseases react positively to the lack of air circulation and to the constant humidity in the atmosphere. Asthma patients also benefit from the clean air and stable humidity. The allergics can breathe freely because there is no turbulence of house dust, pollen, bacteria and mold spores.

Besides that, the infrared heating has another advantage over the other methods of heating. The biological frequencies of the infrared heating output, penetrate in the body. In this way the self-healing capabilities of the human body can be strengthened, but also its immune system and the charges via e-smog may be limited.

According to the IGEF the human immune system is enhanced due to the wavelength range of the Redwell panels. The panels are certified by TUV and characterized both by the IGEF but also from TUV as poor in electromagnetic emission so they are absolutely safe.

Panels REDWELL are manufactured in Austria in the industrial and ecological park (Ökopark Hartberg) which deals only with energy saving products and they are environmentally friendly. Worldwide they have the most certifications than any other product of infrared heating, and recently (2011) they acquired the certification of A.U.TH., which placed them in the top systems for the thermal comfort, the construction and economy! This is the only system of infrared technology that can prove its certified efficiency. This certification of the utilization factor is indispensable for the energy evaluations based on energy requirements of KENAK.

In addition, the products of "Redwell Manufaktur GmbH", are almost entirely handmade, they involve partial thermal accumulation (vermiculite), while they operate with heating elements virtually indestructible in time (resistors carbon fiber resistance to 1800 degrees Celsius).

It is not accidental that they have acquired numerous awards from abroad, as the best product for aesthetics and economy!

More data on the technical characteristics of the panels, certifications and awards, you may check the official website of the company .