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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Dometic

The reverse osmosis water filter Dometic, is an innovative water purification system, with direct flow. It provides us with crystal clear water anytime with the click of a button. It may be used either at home, or in small businesses. It removes salts, heavy metals, chromium, organic impurities, chlorine, fertilizers and any bacteria and pathogens.

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Fresh clean water is essential for all of us in our place. The solution of bottled water is not ideal, as studies show that it contains heavy metals and other toxic chemicals and bacteria despite the supposedly cleaning.

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Spa ShowerFilter

The SPA Shower Filter, is a filter used in the shower, and effectively removes the free chlorine and chloramines, smells, various chemical contaminants, asbestos, lead, rust and all suspended particles. In this way a safe and hygienic bathroom is 100% guaranteed, turning the skin and hair soft and silky.

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