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Water Softeners

In the nature, water is refreshed with the rain cycle in the earth's magnetic field. The water becomes soft, oxygenated and energized. Rainwater contains carbonic acid which dissolves calcium and magnesium from the surface and the underground layers of the earth. Calcium’s and magnesium’s salts (Calcite), constitute the hardness of water.

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Magnetic water softener Aqua Vital Series

The magnetic softener AquaVitalSeries dissolves and inactivates water salts with strong magnetic fields, while it regenerates the water and releases beneficial elements for the human body. It changes the structure of the salts with permanent magnetism MEGASPIN, and converts the rough structure of calcite in the mild form of aragonite. The installation is quick and it requires no maintenance.

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Duplex Dometic Water Softener

The water softener Duplex Dometic, processes the water network and offers us soft and safe water. It guarantees 50% savings in soaps and detergents, and 25% reduction in electricity and oil which is required for electrical appliances and radiators. Furthermore, it ensures the protection of laundry and all appliances that come into contact with water, but also the protection and cleaning of the pipe network water from salts and tartar.

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