Pickwick tea

Tea is the second-most popular drink in the world after water. The delightful ritual of its preparation and aroma, as well as its nutritional value, has created many fans who love their tea.

Pickwick offers an innovative range of flavors, including the classic black tea, healthy green tea, and different combinations of flavors and fruits. These teas are suitable for any time of the day

It is available in 8 different flavors, based on the green, black, red and white tea, in packs of 25 pyramids. The Pickwick tea pods, available in packs of 20 servings.





PICKWICK Classic English tea
(100 portions/pack)








PICKWICK Fine Earl Grey tea
(20 portions/pack)








PICKWICK Lemon tea
(20 portions/pack)








PICKWICK Peach tea
(20 portions/pack)









PICKWICK Forest fruit tea
(20 portions/pack)






PICKWICK Strawberry tea
(20 portions/pack)









PICKWICK Green tea
(20 portions/pack)








PICKWICK Chamomile
(20 portions/pack)