Coway JuicePresso Juicer

The juicer JuicePresso has introduced a revolutionary new design compared to other juicers. The Coway JuicePresso eliminates the competition with simple juicers and the reason is that it uses patented technology of low speed (LSTS) in two stages. In the first stage it mashes, and in the second stage it gives centrifugally rich natural juice from fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes.

The Coway JuicePresso, operates with only 80 RPM, instead of the operation of other juicers in 3000 ~ 7000 RPM. As a result, the vitamins from fruits and vegetables are not being destroyed (burned), and it gives 50 % more juice in less time.

The Coway JuicePresso is the next generation of the juicers, that retains more vitamins and antioxidants, to provide to you and your family daily and for life, fresh, natural, healthy juices.


Why Coway JuicePresso ;

The juice is passing from the first stage phase and it is pulping, then centrifugally it separates and produces more juice rigged with extremely small (dry) pulp waste.

Higher efficiency

The Coway JuicePresso delivers 50% more than a simple classic juicer to the 50% of the time.


Take the greatest quantity of juice from the smallest amount of fruit and vegetables. Soiling and peel (skin) may be used in various sweets, jams, soups etc.

Better juice quality

Enjoy more antioxidants, better flavor and superior freshness of your juice. These juices have not foam during production, and their density is not laminated, which is done with other juicers.


Self cleaning

To the ordinary juicers, the big problem is the cleaning. With Coway JuicePresso all you want after you finish production of your favorite juice, or when you want to make another, is just a little water at the entrance of pulping.

Low power consumption, low noise level.

The JuicePresso juicer minimizes the noise and thus the power consumption to only 150Watt, because of the available technology.