Water chiller Sally

The autonomous water cooler Sally from the company Coway has been awarded for the design and technology of the Guiness book. We provide directly perfectly clean water at ambient temperature, or warm to 94 ºC and cold temperature 4,5 ºC. It is available with a U/F system for tap water and R/O system for contaminated water (hexavalent chromium).

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Water Chiller Petit

The innovative water cooler Petit from the company Coway, has been awarded three times by internationally recognized organizations for its wonderful design, its fine shape, and its compact size.

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Proffessional Water Freezer Blupura

The cooler Blupura, produces chilled water, environment and carbon, with a production capacity of 150 lt / h. The materials are of top quality and in combination with thits perfect design, it offers functional and aesthetic result.

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Water Chillers

You can obtain abundant crystal hot or cold water in your business, and contribute significantly to the protection of the environment by minimizing the use of plastic bottles, by selecting one of the coolers suggested by our company.