Vacuum cooker – SV1000


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Vacuum cooker which achieves perfect slow cooking at 50-85 ⁰C, in a vacuum bag which is placed in water. The water circulates artificially and cooks evenly with accuracy of 0,1 ⁰C. The operating temperature range of the cook is from 30-90 ⁰ C. The vacuum bag may be reused. The food takes all the necessary nutrients in this way, the vitamins and minerals, and evenly absorbs smells of spices and perfumes, to acquire very intense flavor. It has easy operation with digital display, it achieves rapid heating of water and is easy to clean. Also, it has shelf from stainless steel for the bag, filter system and quiet operation.

Dimensions:        320 x 270 x 360 mm
Weight:              3,6 kg
Power:                2000 W
Capacity:            12 lt

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