Tabletop Grill TG 300 CASO


Sales price: € 148,00
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Designer tabletop grill with reversible grill plate for the ultimate grilling and frying fun: classical grill surface, smooth grill surface and a wok with a glass lid. With exact temperature adjustment and control - perfect result. It has a high-quality moulded grill plate with integrated heating elements for the highest levels of grilling comfort and energy efficiency. With a non-stick coating low-fat grill, from steak to pancakes - this appliance ensures that every meal will be perfect. It has a large grill surface and it is easy to clean. It has simple dial-controlled operation and it is efficient & energy-saving.

Dimensions:      600 x 325 x 115 mm
Wok:                230 mm
Grill:                 380 x 270 mm
Power:              1800 W
Weight:             9,5 kg

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