Single cooktop CASO PRO Slide 2100 W


Sales price: € 135,00
  • Description

Single-hob induction cooktop with glass-ceramic surface, booster 2100 watt, full power at 2000 watt. It has very delicate classification of temperature, due to the power adjustment of 12 levels (λειτουργία Smart Control), and 12 temperature levels. Due to 12 power levels a very fine gradation of the heat is reached: especially in the low temperature range for keeping the food warm, for melting and simmering. It has slide Technology Sensor Touch, Timer function and keep Warm function. Also, it has fry-Frying function, LOCK / child look, button lock.

Dimensions:     290 x 60 x 380 mm
Weight:            3,2 kg
Power:             2000 W

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