Microwave with grill & steamer MDG23


Sales price: € 434,00
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Multifunctional microwave oven, with operation of microwaves, Grill and steam cooking, with internal capacity 23 lt. It features unlimited options in cooking because it has 5 microwave power levels, 2 combination programs microwave & grill, 24 cooking and grilling programs, and also the steam cooking function for the gentle cooking of foods and retaining the nutritional value. It has digital clock, 95 minute timer with end signal, Internal light and child safety interlock. Also it has a removable water tank, and acoustic water refill alert. With ceramic base plate and stainless steel interior and exterior. Accessories 1 drip tray and 1 chrome-plated grilling rack.

Dimensions (out):     575 x 310 x 420 mm
Dimensions (Ins.):    329 x 212 x 330 mm - 23 L
Microwaves:          900  W
Grill:                     850  W
Steamer:              1250 W
Weight:                17,5 kg

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