Air humidifier CASO Air Vital Pro


Sales price: € 192,00
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The air humidity is adjusted with high precision in order to provide the desired comfort in the room. It features a new steam nozzle for optimum and balanced humidity setting from 40 to 80 %. It has ionizer function to purify the air, it operates with tap water in a tank of 6 liters. It has an elegant panel of stainless steel, sensor touch, and anti-scale filter. Its function is of variable vapor volume (high - medium - low level). It has an opening of 360 ° for the steam production. Available for areas up to 100m³. With infrared remote control.

Dimensions:      195 x 290 x 300 mm
Power:              280Watt (hot steam) - 30 Watts (cold steam)
Weight:             2,3 kg

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