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This grinder is ideal not only for domestic use but also for business areas subject to different kinds of coffee. Does the systmicrometrikiem MRS (System trimming), which allows adjustment of grinding countless gradations, depending on the desired coffee: espresso, long black, French press, Turkish, etc. It comes in different finishes and colors, and always with great simplicity in everyday use. 

The coffee pot is unbreakable and made by special high strength plastic, with capacity of 600 gr - about 90 coffees espresso. It is transparent and includes a lid. The milling system is made ​​of brass with professional rotating blades of steel diameter 54mm, and is easily cleaned. The coffee grinder i-1 comprises a nozzle conduit via which the freshly brewed coffee is passed from the region through the grinding basket of the coffee machine or to a filter coffee. It is made ​​of high quality aluminum. The main colors are four, with quality used in formula 1. Optionally can be integrated timer. Also available in a variety of colors shown below.

lepides1       plasticcup

Technical specification
Dimensions:          407 x 162 x 266 mm
Power:                   250 W
RPM:                     700 Rpm
Βάρος:                  4,2 kg
Productivity:           5 kg/h
Material:                 Aluminium

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