ASCASO DREAM Home Espresso Machine


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Dream is flexible and unique handmade espresso machine that uses either ground coffee or coffee tablet, and gives excellent professional quality at home. Besides from decorating the area where it is placed, this espresso coffee machine provides a professional quality extraction and versatility to offer varieties of coffee (espresso, medium, large) as well as cappuccino and other latte varieties. And always, with great simplicity it its daily use.


Due to its heavy aluminum construction, the brass boiler, the aluminum and inox filterholder and the proffessional nickel portafilters, has excellent heat distribution and proffessional thermal stability. It is easy to use with modern design. It has the latest technology in filters, with the “supercream” version, which achieves an extra creamy extraction. This special pressurised filter guarantees a creamy coffee regardless of the mixture or grinding degree used.
Two thermostats control the temperature of the coffee and steam and a resettable thermostat protects the machine from accidental overheating. The water circulates through an Inox circuit, reducing lime scale build-up to a minimum. Also, the resistances are disposed externally of the boiler to prevent damage if left without water.

Emulating the professional bar coffee machines, the top apart of the machine includes an area that keeps the cups warm (cup warmers) in order for the coffee not to lose its temperature when poured into the cup. Its stainless steel and removable tray (to remove remains of coffee or water) and the design of the grille allow easy handling and cleaning. Finally, it has a detachable water tank with visible water level.

Technical Specifications:
Power:                                        900 Watt
Pressure:                                    16 atm
Boiler temperature:                      95  ⁰C
Steam temperature:                     140 ⁰C
Dimensions:                                245x345x280 mm
Weight:                                      7 / 8 kg (Mobile / fixed filterholder)
Boiler capacity:                            1,3 lt (Removable for easy maintenance and cleaning, is filled and when the machine is in operation)

Ascaso Dream innovates and features:



3-way valve which enables to offer a dry extraction, eliminating the final dripping and preventing overpressurisation




 The design of the steam pipe allows making creamy cappuccinos and lattes so easily it almost seems magic





Aluminium professional Tamper ( 57mm) (For models operating with ground coffee)



 Professional water pump which enables the distribution of water over the coffee at the suitable pressure to extract the maximum aroma, flavour and organoleptic characteristics




Professional portafilters and professional filter baskets

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