Instant drink sticks

Douwe Egberts offers instant coffee drinks in individual servings, all supported by our 250 years of experience.
These blends are ideal for drinks of instant coffee and chocolate, either hot or cold. The intense flavor, rich foam, and easy preparation ensure a professional result every time.


The instant beverages sticks enclose delectable taste of instant coffee and cappuccino.


instant cofdouwe



Douwe Egberts Instant


Professional instant coffee, suitable for hot and cold drinks. Ideal for hot instant with rich cream, and cold with rich foam. Easy to prepare and storage. Available in packs of 450g.





Pure Gold sticksdouwe


Douwe Egberts Continental Gold
Instant coffee in Sticks
200x1.5gr and 500x1.5gr


Servings of instant coffee, hot and cold drinks. Intense flavor and rich foam in the moment. The package can be used for the presentation and supply the product at your place.