Air Purifier without fan, with micro oven Air Free P-80

The air purifier Airfree is totally silent, and its great originality is the patented, ceramic cylinder inside (micro oven). During the operation, the air enters to the Airfree effortlessly due to the high temperature of the micro oven (200oC), which creates natural recirculation.

Then the 99.99% of all microorganisms are destroyed through the air. This technology is called TSS™ (Thermodynamics sterilizing method of purifying air). The clean air is then cooled and released into the room.

Clean air without producing negative ions and harmful UVC radiation

Technology (TSS ™) featuring to the Airfree, creates no hazardous emission of negative ions, dangerous radiation UVC, or ozone (identified as absolutely irritating to the lungs and responsible for causing asthma - according to the U.S. player EPA).

In addition, independent testing laboratories in Sweden demonstrate that Airfree reduces the production of ozone produced by electrical appliances, monitors, TV, etc. by 26%.

Results from global Independent Laboratory Tests

The patented technology (TSS), which the Airfree features, has been tested by independent world-renowned laboratories in six different countries, including the United States, Sweden and Germany in particular in the standard ISO 17025. These tests confirmed that it destroys up to 99.99% of microorganisms that pass through the sterilization thermodynamic system Airfree.

Additional advantages:

Completely silent operation: Air circulates silently (not used motors or fans). The fresh air after the ultimate treatment and after cooling follows a natural and silent streaming into the room.

Zero Maintenance: There are no expensive replacement filters or UV lamp replacement costs. This saves you time and money and you can be sure that the Airfree unit is always in the best performance

Low power consumption: Consumes less electricity than a light bulb of 50W.

High and sustained performance: Covering spaces up to 35 m² recycling the air up to three times per hour.

Direct yield: The reduction of microorganisms and the charge air, begins within the first 15 minutes of operation.

Small size, award winning Design: The Airfree is small and lightweight, easy to carry with innovative design.

Anti Stress Light Dimmer: It has controlled lighting relaxation for stress, it is suitable for children's rooms and can be used as night lighting (can be turned off completely).

Indicator warning: Special sensor detects if Airfree is installed and function properly and alerts you with light.

Small increase in temperature in the room: Two Airfree units operating in the same room produce about the same heat as much an adult in the room.

Manufacturer Warranty: Every Airfree unit has a 2 years factory warranty.

Function P80