Water Chiller Petit

The innovative water cooler Petit from the company Coway, has been awarded three times by internationally recognized organizations for its wonderful design, its fine shape, and its compact size.

It has the ability to process water from the city network and also contaminated water, providing in the moment securely fresh, safe hot water (up to 98 ° C), chilled or ambient temperature, from a single supply (technology One-Touch). It is available with a U/F system for the tap water and R/O system for contaminated water.

 resized 186x180 CHP-06DL PETIT 2





R / O system with 4 stages of filtration:

 1.Filter NEO-SENSE: It removes particles which often come from the water pipes in the water network, such as dust, sand, and rust. Moreover, it reduces chlorine and volatile organic compounds in water.

2. R/O Membrane: It removes chemicals and salts, such as arsenic, copper, iron, lead, manganese, nitrite, nitrate, cyanide, ferrocyanides, dicarboxylic, radioactive radon. Also, the membrane is retaining bacteria, fungi and protozoa such as cryptosporidium, viruses, escherischia coli etc.

3. Activated carbon Filter: It effectively reduces odors and improves water taste.

4. Ceramic filter: It prevents colonization by microorganisms, which may occur in the water tank when the machine is not in operation, thus it is helping to disinfect water before use.