Magnetic water softener Aqua Vital Series

The magnetic softener AquaVitalSeries dissolves and inactivates water salts with strong magnetic fields, while it regenerates the water and releases beneficial elements for the human body. It changes the structure of the salts with permanent magnetism MEGASPIN, and converts the rough structure of calcite in the mild form of aragonite. The installation is quick and it requires no maintenance.

AQUAVITALBy using this softener we ensure protection to all the electrical home appliances and the piping. The water becomes soft for the hair and skin. It reduces by 50% the use in detergents, cleaners, current, etc. This is because twice the amount of water is required with the hard water to create a lather, and then to remove it. In addition, a softener protects the plants and crops.

It is usually applied to:

Homes, offices, gyms, swimming pools, hotels, hospitals, Greenhouses, Nurseries, Manufacturing, Laundries, Bakery, printing companies, car washes, etc.

Available models:

Aqua Vital Type 2
For tubes with diameter 1/2'' inch, 14 -28 mm

Aqua Vital Type 3
For tubes with diameter 3/4" - 5/4 inch, 23-46 mm

Aqua Vital Type 4
For tubes with diameter 1.1/2" - 2" inch, 44 - 62mm

Aqua Vital Type 5
For tubes with diameter 3" - 4" inch