Healthy atmosphere: The infrared heating is based on the transmission of heat, which is identical to the natural emission by the sun which heats the cells of organisms. For this reason, infrared heating strengthens our immune system, it is conducive to good blood circulation, accelerates healing of injuries, burns the fat of the body, relaxes the nervous system, it is offering better and 'lighter' sleep and also wellness with the awakening, it has ameliorative effects to the musculoskeletal, arthritic problems, the backache, limbs, neck, etc. In addition, infrared heating provides clean air in your space, clean air free of dust, germs and microorganisms, absence of soot, dirt and fumes.

Economy up to -50%: The infrared heating heats the walls, the objects, and directly the human body, and then it is stored and retransmitted. Thus the needed health frequent ventilation is favored, since minimal thermal energy is being lost. Instead, the conventional heating which is based on the transfer of hot air (which is medically proven unhealthy), apart from the fact that it does not allow ventilation of the space, it is characterized by large heat losses.

Functionality: The infrared panels do not take up valuable floor space, their installation is simple and they do not require periodic maintenance.

Aesthetics: This heating system upgrades the aesthetics of the room, as there is a choice from a huge variety of images to decorate the surface of the panels.

Moisture - Mold: Finally, a way of complete drying of walls and all the components. With one system we have two services: the space heating, and the elimination of moisture of the walls! No more blackened and wet walls, and no more damages of the mold and the erosions.

Electricity – Renewable Energy: It is working with electricity at half the installed capacity. It is, therefore, a "safe-way" in relation to contemporary perspectives on the autonomy of buildings with renewable energy known to work exclusively with electricity.

redwell advantages



dimmer2Infrared panels operate either with thermostatic control (on / off), or with dimmer, which provides the variation of the power load. In the first case (thermostat), we have absolute control over the desired temperature, while in the second case (dimmer) we have absolute control of consumption, and we can ensure better thermal comfort because of the continuous emission of infrared heating. In the second case, the problem remains that the system requires continuous adjustments, depending on the fluctuation of the outside temperature, and the problem becomes larger during sleep. In combination with the fact that smart thermostats do not exist, and they are foisted only for marketing purposes, there has been a gap in the ultimate solution until now, for the economic and proper management of the infrared panels.

The REDWELL panels now may be controlled with a device that combines both services mentioned above. With a simple push of a button, you can change the use to dimmer or thermostat. When the house is empty, it can be used as dimmer, with very low continuous consumption 20-25-30%, and when we return, we choose the thermostat, which of course will work with specific digital economy program (combined with dimmer) so finally we provide at our home, thermostatic control, extra savings and thermal comfort.

This particular device has a very reasonable price, it works on all infrared heating panels, but with better results in Redwell panels, (due to the fact that they provide greater thermal accumulation because of vermiculite). In this way extra economy is achieved, up to 20% during the operation of the system.