Proffessional Air Purifier AirOne

This purifier is the ultimate solution to clean the air from viruses, bacteria, VOC's Co2 and smoke, especially for large and public areas. Its height is 2,20 m and achieves the constant cleaning of your space. Appropriate air purifier for café, bar, restaurants, conference rooms, workplaces, waiting rooms.

AirOne Forum 10 small

 It has 5 stages of purification:

1st stage: Filter dust, G4, protects against pollutants and particles size to 0.01mm (yarn, pollen, etc.) in accordance with EN779.

2nd stage: Filter for fine dust, F7, protects against pollutants and particles to 1mm in size (ash, bacteria, smoke nicotine, viruses, etc.) in accordance with EN779.

3rd stage: Filter HEPA, H13, efficiency 99.995 MPPS (most penetrating particle sizes) up to 0.1mm, EN1822.

4th stage: Activated carbon filter to remove gases, vapors and smells (TVOC, CO, CO2)

Stage 5: Special-filter trap for aldehyde in the pipeline output.

It has a very low noise level 32 to 42dB, as well as low power consumption between 31 and 59 watt.

Available in two models:

Model Β: For all the places you want clean air, free from bacteria, viruses, microbes, organic odors, etc.

Model S: It offers the same with type B, but also it has a reinforced carbon filter, ideal for places with smoke.